Sticks and Stones and Compliments

November 23, 2011
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The words of insults enhance the power of malicious intentions to swarm around in your head.They cause stinging tears to fill up in your eyes,leaving aching holes of melancholy and betrayal in your heart.It makes you feel worthless,empty,lonely,despondent.It drives you insane,believing that you leave in a world where warm smiles and compliments don't exist.Until it happens.

A normal,everyday person just happens to pass by on the street and turns their glance over to you.You automatically imagine at least fifty different remarks they could articulate with so much verbal poison that would make you feel even worse than you already do.When,out of nowhere,your dark and empty world gets lit up with a grin.An actual,comforting smile.Not the mischievous one before a blow to your face.And then,what's even more surprising,a single sentence leapt from their obviously cheerful lips."I like your hair,it's pretty."...A compliment.

The malevolent objections fly out of your ears.Not a one being heard.Not a one getting caught inside.Damaging tears dry up and no longer slip from your puffy,pale red eyes.Apertures of distress and tricks get filled in with happiness and trust in your life-pumping vessel.You now feel utility,confined,gorged,cheerful.The lightness inside reminds you that you really do live in a world where smiles and compliments live.You were just too busy hindering out all the wickedly tainted words that you weren't heeding all the honest expressions.

"The antidote to distasteful or hateful speech is not censorship,but more speech.".All those words are like poison and literally could kill someone if they had enough of it.Enough to the point where they thought there was nothing else in the world,but horrible words.So,to cure those people are gratifying words.Antidote words.Not just taking it out of their lives.Getting rid of it completely and replacing it with something better.Even if it it will never fully go away.It's not something you get over,it's something you get through.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."Remember that quote when you either get insulted about the clothes you wear or something you believe in.Pretty much anything that makes you start believing on the 'glass is half-empty' side.A pessimist.This actually happens to everyone.Absolutely everyone has either been humiliated or offended in their life.From living back in the 1800s and getting beaten for stating your opinion,to accidental spitting on your crush while attempting to flirt.

But,not everyone made it through.Just imagine how it feels to be one of the half of the population to think positive and make it through this terrifying black hole we call 'life'.Those who were abused as a child,but knew that when they made it through,they'd be stronger.Those who lived with barely anything knew that when they made it through,they'd be smarter.It's all about knowing that there is light at the end of the cave,you just have to deal with darkest hour before you get the light.And in the light you glance back and realize not only how strong you are,but how beautiful,accidental,turbulent,succulent,opulent,and permanent this world really is.Then,you look straight ahead of you,prepared for the next cave.

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