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November 16, 2011
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Back in October 2008 my grandma became very ill. She was transported to the hospital where she stayed until February, the month she died. One desire or wish I have is to see my grandma once again. I remember how affectionate and polite she was with everyone.

On June 21, 2008, I was able to spend a day with her, just like I did every weekend. Somehow this weekend seemed different, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Back then she lived in a retirement apartment complex with many friendly people. Upon my arrival to her apartment, she told me, “Go to apartment 5J and asked if she could come visit.” Not knowing what to expect, I finally found apartment 5J by stumbling upon a housekeeper. I sweet-temperdly knocked on the door, and a kind and gentle woman came to the door and asked what I wanted. I explained, “Would you go to apartment 4S?” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before she said ok, so I kind of thought this wasn’t the first time.

When we went into my grandma’s apartment again, we were welcomed by calm and almost tender music. We all were wrapped up in separate blankets talking about the weather and our day, and then it went into a serious conversation, talking about the Bible, a topic that most teenage boys don’t really think about. After having that heart opening “talk” with my grandma and her friend, we were alerted with a tornado alert on the television starting with that “Beep beep beep…” sound first. We all looked outside and witnessed a windy and rainy scene on the road. Soon after that we were told to go to the main room in the first floor, away from the windows, until the tornado alert expired. My grandma directed, “Get chairs out for the elderly.” She wanted them to be able to sit down, instead of standing.

About fifteen minutes after the fierce winds had calmed down, the tornado alert was expired. When we walked back into my grandma’s room, she said to me, “You are such a gentleman to get the chairs out for the others.”

After that day, I stopped by about two times a week, talking with other people, as well as my grandma. I will never forget the look of satisfaction on her face when I helped those other people. I wish I could spend one more weekend with her, just to spend time with her.

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