A Horrible Day

November 15, 2011
By Anonymous

My phone rings. It's my best friend, Kate. It's 8 o'clock on a weekend. I wonder why she would be calling me this early. You are suppose to sleep in on the weekends! I figured she was in town and wanted someone to hangout with. I was tired, so I ignored the call and went back to sleep.

Then the house phone rings. I hear my dad say in his scratchy morning voice, "It's a cell phone."

Instantly I know it's Kate, but why is she calling the house! I want to be sleeping! My mom clears her throat and answers the phone. I hear, "Hello?..oh hi..it's OK..oh my god..oh my.. oh my god..yeah I'll let her know..thanks for letting us know..thanks Lorrie."

I sit up in my bed as soon as i heard "oh my god". What was going on. I knew it had to be something with Kate. My mom almost runs into my room. I immediately say, "Mom, What is going on."

She loOKs at the floor and says, "Lindsey, Kate's dad died this morning."

No. I couldn't believe it. I instantly burst into tears. Her dad was almost like my second father. Every time I went to her house, he would pick on me, tell us stories, and say the funniest things. He would make my day.

The rest of that day consisted of hanging out with Kate, lots of hugs, some laughing, and tons of tears. Even though it was a school night, four others and I stayed over to support our friend. On the outside, Kate loOKed as if she was fine, but on the inside I knew she was hurting. She was unable to say her goodbye to him, and just the week before, she was talking about how much she hated her father. Now we all know she never meant any of that. She hates the way it ended.

We are all trying to except the fact that this has happened. There is nothing we can do to change the past. Even though it's hard, we will get through it. God only takes the best.

R.I.P Lyle<3

The author's comments:
The day that changed many lives. A horrible, yet never, forgettable day.

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