Friday Night Lights

November 15, 2011
By Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Vallery SILVER, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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Tonight will be the night. The night everyone has been waiting for all week...except me. Because you will be there. And your name will be announced so many times. I'm not sure if I can stand to hear it so many times and not think of every kiss or ever fight we've shared. I'm sure your just fine. Probably moving on to the next girl and I'm just a past memory tossed aside with scars wide open. No closure. So I'm proving to you and everyone else that I've gotten stronger and I can handle this...

Half time:
An eternity of my life has gone by. Torture and pain and invisible tears fill my wounds. I see you. I know your movements as I spent months replaying our every conversation in my head. I get up to leave, to flee. You turn and our eyes meet. Every emotion now filling my head. I must go. I have to...It's move on. You call after me, but I'm already past the gates and your stuck now, in the middle...Limbo.

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