EV vs IV

November 11, 2011
By , Marengo, IA
Have you ever been in or at a fight that you could have been seriously hurt or even killed? I have and I am going to tell you about it in this story.

It was a clear April night everything seemed normal, at least for the time being. The night started off with some of my friends and I was driving around town. It was Brittany, Jackie, Olivia, and me driving around in Brittany’s car. We pulled up on the north side of the park across from the old Drakes Auto building and the fire department and some of my other friends were up there. We sat there and talked for a while.

Then we found out that some EV kids were in town so we drove around and tried to find them. Then we found out that they were at the fairgrounds. So I drove down there and was the first person down there and I thought I would be cool and drive threw them and go to my farm that was right next to the fairgrounds.

After I drove threw them I called some of my other friends and told them where they were and they said that they would be down there in a couple of minutes. So we parked the car and waited for everybody from IV to show up so we could start the brawl. After everybody showed up we all got out and we stood there and talked for about fifteen minutes.

Then out of nowhere one of the EV kids walks up to some of the IV eighth graders and says “hey,” and punches him in the face for no reason. The kid that got punched ran off. Then all of the EV kids ran at all of the IV kids and started punches them, which took all of us by surprise. I was trying to find Brittany and the rest of the girls into the car so I could get them out of there. Then I saw one of the kids that graduated yelling at one of the EV kids and all of a sudden another kid comes up and hits him across the head with a wrench. Then I really wanted to get the girls to the car. Once I got the girls to the car I started to look around to see if I could help anybody. Then I saw one of my friends running away from an EV kid. Then he got tackled and the kid started to kick him. So I started running towards them and I punch the kid in the face and he dropped like a bag of rocks. I fell on top of him and hit him one more time and then I got up. He got up and hit me and then another kid came from behind me and hit me too. So then it was two against one. So I started swinging at both of them and got a couple good hits on them and they backed away because they couldn’t handle me. After they backed away I went back to the car and we left.

We went to Brittany’s house to get into my truck because Brittany didn’t want her car to get damaged. After we got into my truck Jackie called one of her friends to see if she was still down there. Her friend told us that we should not go back down there because there were a lot of people getting hit with wrenches. Then I called some of my friends that were in the fight. Almost everybody that I called said that they were on their way to the hospital to either get stitches or get checked out because they got hit in the head so many times. After I heard that all my friends were in the hospital I got really angry and I want to find the kids that did this to them.

Then Jackie told me that her friend was in the back of the police truck and she was going to the police station to give a witness report. That mad me a little bit happier, but I was still pretty angry. So we drove around for a little bit longer and then decided to go back to Brittany’s house.

When we got to her house she told her mother about what had happened and about the kids that I got into a fight with. Her mother got really worried about me and kept asking if I was ok and if anything was hurt. I kept telling her that I was fine but she did not believe me because usually when I am hurt I do not like to tell people because the over react to things that aren’t that big of a deal. Then they all thought that my face was starting to swell up but I am pretty sure that it was just the way they were looking at it because it did not really hurt and there was nothing there in the morning.

So we sat at Brittany’s house for awhile and waited to hear about the kids that were in the hospital. One of the kids that was in the hospital called me and told me to come look at his stitches he got in his forehead. So we left and went to his house and he told us the whole story about how he got hit by a wrench and how that was the only way that EV kids could beat us in a fight.

The next day the whole football team decided that we would get redemption in the fall when we played them for our season opener at home. I also found out that seven people from IV went to the hospital that night and that one of them was pressing charges on the kid that hit him with a wrench. I also heard that the kid was going to get five years in jail for attempt of murder, but I never heard anything else about that.

One thing I think people can learn form this is that if you hear about a fight do not get involved with it just leave it alone because it could be more dangerous than you think.

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