I Cried

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I am sitting with my friends on a hill waiting for the ferry. We just finished Camp Orkila. It was a great experience. Were on Orcus Island. Cat, Keiran, Serena, Ailin, and Olivia are with me. They are my best friends. Well most of them are. But that doesn’t matter.

It was about noon. The sun was at its highest point but it was hiding! Serena is a very short and scrawny little girl. I really don’t know how she stays so scrawny on day at Orkila she ate 13 tacos! Cat is also is also kind of short, but not as short as Serena. She has red hair and glasses. Keiran kind of looks like me. Blonde hair, blue eyes and braces. Were basically twins! Ailin is Mexican. She has been one of my friends sense 3rd grade. And last but not least Olivia. She has black hair. She is kind of hard to describe. She’s just Olivia!

I am really tired. So I lay across Keiran and Cats legs. Cat and Keiran are talking. Wait did I just her Cat tell Keiran to point her toes! WAIT! I’m rolling down a hill! All I could think was holy fricken crap I’m rolling down a hill!! I’m going to hit that table! Whoa! Good I didn’t hit the table! I got back up. And sat right below Cat.

Now Serena is next to her. Cat and I were laughing about what just happened. When all of a sudden Serena tried to push me down the hill again. Luckily I caught myself. This happened several times. And I half to admit it was funny. Finally she kicks my arm with both of her feet and I do summersaults down the hill. I stop myself before I hit the table again. When I get back up Cat and Serena are laughing so hard! Serena had cracked my neck five times! Five times!! That’s a lot! It was hella funny!

Later while we were waiting for the ferry something else funny happens! We were playing the game ninja. You know where you form a ninja pose and try to hit the people’s hands. Anyways, it was down to just Austin and I (Austin Koons… Another one of my friends). We had been going back and forth for a while having no luck. It was my turn. His hand was right next to his face. Now naturally you can guess what does happen. And you’re partly correct. I did hit him but just barely. Right on the tip of his nose! It was the funniest thing! This time I was on the ground laughing my head off! I laughed so hard I cried! Best experience ever!

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