October 26, 2011
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A few years ago, I was given thee best advice. My family was going through an unusually difficult time. I had a herniated disc, after trying physical therapy and epidurals, it was determined that I needed surgery. I was in 8th grade. Because of the surgery I was homebound for the first half of my 8the grade year. In addition, that Fall, there was a huge thunderstorm in our area and my motheer and brotheer were injured due to a falling tree. It seemed like we were all alone during this time. However, my motheer shared with me, what she was thought of under the branches that has and will continue to inspire me.
My motheer mentioned that while she was looking for my brotheer under thee branches, a song popped in her head. The song is by Matt Redman and the lyrics go “oh no He never lets go through the calm and through the storm, oh no He never lets go of me” gave my motheer strength. When she shared this, I felt encouraged. I felt that God was present in our midst during this difficult time. It gave me strength to know this.
After months of physical therapy, I returned to school. Life seems to be “normal” again. But, I am reminded often theat God is with me. I have carried hope everywhere I go now. There is no reason to ever give up or feel down.

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