Sing Your Heart Out

October 25, 2011
By Anonymous

When you find something you love, you should always go for it. Singing is my passion for life, something I have loved to do since I was so young. Singing has always been what I can do to let go, to sing about something that has bothered me throughout the day. It’s the thing that brightens my day, and never let’s me down.

I started singing in second grade when my choir teacher spotted me from across the floor, getting down to the songs of 2nd grade chorus. She talked to me and my mom about possibly joining an outside of school choir group and I immediately got into it. Monday nights from 6:15-8:15 were always the highlight of my week. I was in CFC for four years moving up from level to level, the 2nd being my favorite. I received vocal training at a high level, and life lessons as well! During that time, I also was involved in weekly chorus class and before school on Thursday mornings, in 4th and 5th grade choir. I was featured in solos, travelling to the “big kid” middle school for winter concerts, and having the time of my life with all my friends. But, CFC was a big commitment and camp, evaluations, concerts, rehearsals, extra events, and parties all were added to my schedule and by 6th grade, and after being in the highest level for a year, I decided to end my CFC adventure.

Going into 7th Grade brought on a new option: the Girl’s Chamber Chorus. I knew the director and had an easy audition into it. I felt like a star with all the 8th graders around and it was such a fun experience, that I went back and did it again in 8th grade. Retreats, Trips, winter and spring concerts, Grove City teachings, pirates games and more were the highlights and I couldn’t get enough. I even got to do and solo in the winter concert and that was definitely one of the highlights of my whole singing experience in my lifetime. Sadly as you grow up you move on through school and eventually it was time to “graduate” from GCC.

Then it was time to move on to the big leagues: high school. A scary thought but when I heard about Vulpes Cantantes I was very excited. Singing helps me through my week and I know that even when I have a test I know that Monday night from 7-8:45 I have somewhere to get away to: the choir room. It’s different adapting to something new, but I know that I always have one thing constant: my love for music.

Music is such a big part of my life. I play piano as well, but in my heart singing takes 1st place. Music is so incredibly important to me that it is beyond words that can express it. When I think of the word love or passion nothing is in my mind but music notes and my seating assignment on Monday nights. To me, It’s not live, love, laugh… it’s live, love, sing.

The author's comments:
I really love music, and it is my greatest passion. I hope people will enjoy my piece and then inspire them to take up some kind of love for a music as well.

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