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October 31, 2011
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Have you ever made a mistake so dumb that every time you look back at it you laugh really hard? Well don’t lie nobody’s perfect. Well one of my biggest mistakes was not but only a few summers ago. It all started with a spider, camera, and a big mistake. And when ever I look back at it I can only do one thing LAUGH.
Ok if you see a spider what would be your first reaction? Would you scream, would you kill it, or would you simply just stair at the 8 legged night crawler. Well I was put into this situation once. It was not on a wall or a celling but on a roof in Mexico. And it wasn’t even a small spider it was a tarantula. The body was very small and red like about the size of the bottom of a push pin. You know not the pointy part the opposite side were it stands on. But the legs were each like 2-3 inches long. And the legs weren’t even hairy. They were just regularly black legs. I don’t really know why I was on the roof but I was and I can’t change that. So I was just randomly there by the window looking at the sky i guess. So I saw how big the spider was and I went to go get the camera and then after I found it t went through the window. So as I went out the widow to see the spider I had noticed that the ground had been moving. As I had noticed it was already too little to late the whole roof had fallen off and me along with it. At first I had no idea what had just occurred but just at that split second I felt a very sharp pain in both of my arms legs and chest. As I looked to see what my arms and legs looked like the stunning pain in my chest wouldn’t let me, but it was probably for the best because they were all scratched up like crazy and big gashes were also were all bleeding. As people lifted me up I noticed 2 things 1 was the part of the roof was laying on the ground later on my grandpa explained to me that the roof was really just a big piece of plastic waiting there for the real roof. Funny right well get this the camera that I had brought out was not even scratched. Yeah how’s that for just noticing something.

I think that the lesson t learn here is a good life goal as well which is to always think things through. Like if there is something you like or are gana do you should examine it in your head first. And like don’t rush through anything at all. Oh and that cameras are indestructible.

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