October 31, 2011
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“Fibbing” is another way to say lies. At first you may think that lying is easy, fun, and can help you get away with things. In reality it’s not as easy as you think. I learned a valuable lesson after making up so many lies. Everyone at one point in their lives have made up lies thinking that no one is going to find out, but sooner or later the truth is going to come out.
Every weekend my parents like taking the family out, just to spend time with them. One night my parents decided that we should stay at home and have a movie night. I didn’t really want to stay at home that night. The reason I didn’t want to was because that same night I wanted to go to a party with my friends. I had to decide quickly what I was going to do. In the evening, I told my parents I had a project to do at a friend’s house. I asked them that if it was okay to miss one night with them and sleep over at my friend’s house to finish the project. They agreed to let me go with my friend. I felt excited that I was going to the party with my friends. After doing this, I felt that now I could start to do whatever I wanted to do. Then the fibbing began. Every time I lied, it just became bigger and bigger. I felt that I could get away with things whenever I wanted or had to. Then again I had to come up with another lie. My friend invited me to the movies. I asked for permission, but my parents didn’t let me. Then I told them that I had to go to the library to finish a school assignment. They said yes. I was glad they let me. Never at any time did the thought of getting caught go through my mind. Instead of being nervous I felt the contrary of that. Then the biggest of all my lies came up. I didn’t want to go to school one day. So I called the school and told them that I wasn’t going to be able to make it because my mom had just given birth. A few weeks later the office found out that everything I said was just lies. They called my parents and told them what was happening. Now days have passed and I’m grounded for lying to them. I also got my phone taken away and lost some privileges of going out.

In the end, I really learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Not only did I get grounded, but I also learned that it is wrong to lie no matter what the situation is. If you lie, sooner or later the truth is going to come out and you will get caught. Because of the decision I made, not only did I get grounded and got privileges taken away, but the biggest thing was that I lost my parent’s trust. I’m trying really hard to get it back and I know it’s going to take some time. My advice to you is to just not lie. It’s not worth it. you don’t get anything out of it but trouble.

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