Listen to your parents

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

“Real friends are the ones that help you to succeed not the ones that make you in trouble”, Said my mom. Sometimes you choose friends that would not be real friends. Real friends would help me make positive decisions. I had so many friends, but just one of all of them was my real friend because she always wanted the best for me and she always told me that my other friend was not what I thought, but I didn’t want to listen to her. Doing what my friend wanted me to do, even though I didn’t want to do it, is something that you would decide if it’s a good decision or not. As results I got in trouble with people I shouldn’t have. I needed to believe in myself and not let anybody tell me what to do.

When my grades started to go down, my parents were worried because I always had good grades. They were asking me questions about why I was getting low grades. I knew the reasons why I was not doing well in school, but I just told them that my classes were harder and I didn’t understand important things that the teacher taught me. My parents told me, “Well, ask for help in school and try to do your best, okay?” I said, “Okay I’ll do my best”. Days passed and I didn’t ask for help, I was just with my friend, but I was worried because I always wanted to do the best, but during my junior year, everything went down. I was absent a lot; sometimes I didn’t turn in my homework. That year, I became really lazy with everything; I just wanted to be someone that wasn’t me. My supposed friend was giving me advice about not listening to my parents. I always have listened to my parents. I respect them, but it was something I didn’t think about when my friend told me things. Days, weeks, and months passed and I was the same, but it got to the point where my parents were mad and the teacher started to call them, but I always told them that it was not true. My parents didn’t believe me anymore so they punished me and they also got really mad and upset with me because they thought that I was should be doing better. At that time, I had my car. I was paying it but it was under my dad’s name. He took my car away and he said that I was not going to drive again until I do better in my classes and went to school every day. He took me to school everyday and picked me up. I didn’t like that because he worked in nights and got done in the morning. When he got to the house, he always fells asleep and I hated to wake him up because and I knew that he was tired, and because of my behavior, he had to take me to school. I knew my parents were really upset with me and I was really sad because they didn’t talk to me like they used to do. I started to do better in school and my grades were going up. I stopped talking to the girl said she was my best friend. My parents were happy because I was liked used to be before.

I realized a good friend was someone who wants the best for you and doesn’t put you in trouble. A good friend does pressure you to do something that you don’t want to do. I also realized that my parents just wanted the best for me and that they care a lot about me. They know what is good and bad. It is always good to be honest with your parents and always tell them the truth, especially because they know how to help you.

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