Losing Trust with my Parents

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

According to the dictionary trust means -dependence on something; future. Having trust with your parents is very necessary. I decided to go out with my friends without permission from my mom and dad. Things didn’t go well and I wish I could take back that day.
One day I really wanted to go out and be with my friends. I had already asked but my parents had said no. Luckily my friend Tess texted me, saying she could pick me up and drop me off before my parents came back from their business appointment/trip. Of course I agreed, I went out with all my girls and boyfriend. First we went to the mall, we shopped for about three hours. It was a lot of fun I got a bunch of new clothes and earrings. After that we all went to go eat at Chicago grill. I absolutely love the food there, it was a good dinner. Next we walked to my boyfriend jakes house, we watched Paranormal Activity 2. I thought everything was going great but soon my luck was gone. Later that night we all walked to taco bell. We ate, and as we were walking back. Out of nowhere I fainted, to this day I still don’t know the reason why. But anyway, my friend’s spazzed out and so they called an ambulance. Then my friend Hannah called her parents and they called mine. At that point I was unconscious and didn’t know what was going on. But when I woke up, the first thing I saw was my mothers’ angry face. Right there, I knew I was dead. When I got home I got such a big lecture/talk. Ruben (my dad) took my phone away and my iPod. After that day I lost my parents trust, especially my moms. She got mad and upset with me. Her feelings really got to me, because my mother is so sensitive So she really was disappointed in me. It took me a long time to gain back her trust.
I would never make the same mistake again. If I did, it would really affect my mother. And I wouldn’t want to upset her and completely loose her trust AGAIN. I’d probably get my phone, laptop, and iPod token away, I so learned my lesson.

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