Hence the Time

October 29, 2011
Tendered words in thoughts of mumbling. Try to awaken us from tired, not well slumber. To awaken us for the day ahead of us. For hard labor to strengthen our minds and wisdom. Through this eerie unmellowing drive. Uncertain and doubtful eyes, are continuously staring blankly ahead that is nothing but the road ahead of us. Once young, of childish minds and actions. Has undergo a alteration of changes, through to matured minds. This bus drive has this eerie silence. That seems to just scream out in this God forsaken hush, that leaves us mute through this bus drive; our time is coming.

To the ages of fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Most of us feel the need to slow the time quickly than anticipated. Others wish for the ticking time of graduation day to make its forthcoming more quickly than expected. But there are those who maltreat the outlook to get education to the fullest of their potential. They neglect the chance for themselves a life of prudence and sumptuous. So therefore they don’t move like the ground itself.

So when the minutes pass and the seconds catch along swiftly. Hence the time when the bus stops to a halt. When it has reached its final destination. It all plays out like a role play or a movie you could say. When they all stroll out of the yellow belly of the once purring beast. To a serene silence that made it look like, as if the beast were in slumber. Each one had a story of their own telling.

Their childish behaviors will screech to a halt. To when the time comes when life truly blooms and blossoms of hardships and happiness. Almost all of us will step up to the plate and take their own calling. Of a new chapter in their new life ahead of them. What’s yours?

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Evanescence__Freak said...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 9:19 am
i like it monique, it touched something in me :) as i always say keep writing, you got talent
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