October 28, 2011
By , Bedford, KY
To the reader,

Okay, I know how parents want to keep their children with them for a long time, but everyone needs to grow up sometime, right? I'm a 14 year old teenager, and I consider myself an adult already. I have several hobbies suited for older people, like hunting, or collecting coins, but that's beside the main point; I want my own house to live in. I want a rental house that is comfortable enough to survive in, I want my own job that keeps away my house bills AND allows me some spare change for personal use, and I want my own method of transportation. Most teenagers these days listen to rap most of their time, not caring of anything but becoming a rapper, or try drugs.
I desire to grow up and work on my own for once, instead of loafing around in a house I do not pay any bills for. I know how most adults complain about their job, but I feel different about getting a job. I want a job that doesn't have a dynamic schedule, so that way I can have some spare time for other objectives. Now, why would I want to be more independent so early? I want to prove to many people nationwide that don't believe teenagers can make it very well in the world at first are terribly mistaken.
I continuously ask my parents if I can use my bike for a method of transportation, besides asking them to take me to every single place I want to go, like the park. They do not allow me on the main road, even though I have been on it about 5 times already! I know which side of the road to be on, how to turn, and many other things I'll need for the road. I have only crashed my bike nearly three times, and that was 2 to 3 years ago, so that reveals that I know how to balance myself on a bike properly with excellence. The bicycles brakes on my bike pretty much define perfect condition, considering they can stop me in less than 2 seconds when I go 40 miles per hour. I know how to protect myself with a knife (in case I ever do), so what else must I prove?!
Perhaps when I am 15 I can ride my bike somewhere to get a job, or at age 16 I can get an improved job if I find one at 15 or 14. My main point is: I want to make my own decisions for once! I want to go where I desire. If I want to get something from a nearby market down the street, I should be allowed to if I can watch myself! Keeping me in an enclosed area all day stresses me out greatly if I don't leave it for a while!

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