Love's Message

October 21, 2011
By ILoveTurtles PLATINUM, Redding, California
ILoveTurtles PLATINUM, Redding, California
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My heart, barely beating calls to your soul. My cold, pale skin calling for your warm touch. My dreams are calling for your waking kiss. My soul searches to find the piece of me that is missing. The moon sheds a little light on my search to find you. "My love, please come back. I need you!!" I whisper in a panic. I curse myself under my breath for ever letting you go. I know now what I did not know yesterday. When I look in the mirror I only see the shadows you pushed me into the second you walked out that door. I shudder to think you are gone forever. I cringe and shake at the mere thought that your heart is untouchable for my love. I start crying every minute when I think that I will never see you again. One day I hope to get a message or a sign that tells me you still have feelings for me. Sure enough when I checked my phone a text appeared, I braced myself for more heartbreak. Instead the message I had desperately been waiting for had finally arrived. I Love You......... is what enclosed you in my heart forever.

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