My Winter Wonderland

October 23, 2011
By katiexoxsemi BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
katiexoxsemi BRONZE, Miller Place, New York
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Walking cautiously, I glide along the ice covered path of the snowy beach. Tiny paw prints follow my lead, leaping through clumps of ice. I am awakened by the feeling of the frigid wind numbing my exposed skin. It is in the cold that I truly know who I am, I feel free and at ease. We are completely alone; no one is here to disturb us. I imagine myself thousands of miles away running into oblivion. Me and Maggie, my 12 pound Yorkshire terrier are bundled from head to toe. When I open my mouth I can visualize just how cold it really is, puffs of heat flow from my icy lips.
I jump; startled back to reality by the loud barking of the dog at my feet. She wants to run, lively and free she has the urge to break away. I get down to her level; I can see the anticipation and excitement in her eyes. In the split second that I unlatch her harness, she’s off. All I see is little indentations in the snow covered sand and I hear the sharp yip of her talking to the seagulls. It is now in the arctic landscape, enveloped by the cold with the sound of my dog chirping in the background that I finally feel at ease. The waves crash and swallow up my negative thoughts and feelings. I bring a handful of untouched snow to my lips, savoring the taste of fresh water as it dissolves on my tongue. This is my winter wonderland.
Like anybody, when I’m feeling down and my life is engulfed in drama and problems, I like to get away. Luckily I live a block from the Long Island Sound. I love to escape and take long walks down the sandy beach to clear my head. My faithful little Maggie is my partner in crime and she listens to my endless rants without a second thought. In my eyes the beach is most beautiful when covered with a layer of pearly white snow. I love the sound of the waves breaking, the seagulls squawking and the wind blowing through my tangled hair.
Barreling back towards me, Maggie’s face is painted with flakes white. She circles around me and nips at the back of my heels. This can only mean one thing, a race. In an instant I begin to dart full speed ahead, with my little cheerleader barking at my feet. Gasping for air I stop and fall to the ground feeling the ice crunch at the weight of my body. Immediately I am smothered with kisses and that’s all I need to start laughing.

This is all the perfect remedy to put my mind at ease, the snowy beach in December and my loyal puppy by my side. If I could, I would stay out here amongst the chilly air for hours. I love the way the snow cradles me, forming to the shape of my body. I feel my mind drift with the wind and hover over the ocean, before drifting off into the clouds.

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