Justin Bieber Concert

October 22, 2011
By Alesha Howden BRONZE, Reese, Michigan
Alesha Howden BRONZE, Reese, Michigan
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August 15th, 2010. One Day. Hours of Waiting. Thousands of Screaming Girls. A Million Memories.

If you've ever been to a Justin Bieber concert then you know what I'm talking about. I saw Justin on August 15th, 2010 at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan. My seats were on the floor, section F, row 6, seats 13 & 14. I was 12 at the time & I went with my mom. I remember how bad my feet hurt from the day before because I had to stand in heels for hours for my cousin's wedding, I was in. I remember exactly how that day went. From the time I woke to the time I went to bed. I remember crying when he came out over the crowd because he was close enough to me that I could see his eye color. I remember when he looked at me and sang the lyrics "My Favorite Girl, is you" at the end of the song Favorite Girl. I have so many memories from this concert and I met so many cool Beliebers. One girls name was Jamie and we instantly become best friends. We asked the security people if we could take pictures up by the stage before the concert. He let us and barley anybody was in the arena at the time because we were two of the first people in there. I remember seeing Chaz and Ryan sitting on the edge of the stage before the arena became full. I remember how everybody screamed when the stage crew was working on the stage. I remember seeing Kenny take some posters to Justin. I remember Justin peeking through the doors of the meet n' greet. I remember running into a family on the into The Palace and the two daughters found out that their dad worked for Justin and they got to meet him and then the one girl started crying. The dad turned and looked at me and asked "Do you want a sister?". I thought he was gonna ask me if I wanted to meet him. I remember Justin rapping Lose Yourself because he was in Detroit. I remember finding out that Ryan Good might be my cousin. I remember when he tripped going up the stairs of the stage. I remember how my ears were ringing after the concert and how they hurt for about a week from all the screaming. I remember how I had lost my voice for about two days because of my screaming! These are just a few memories I have. There are the more important memories. But that night is unforgettable and I loved every single second of it!

The author's comments:
I was inspired to right this because a lot of my friends and family wanted to know how that night went. I hope people get the idea that concerts are a lot of fun and they can can mean everything to you.

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