how to love your mother

October 21, 2011
By Anonymous

when your mom is feeling down and there is nothing you can do all you need to do is help her out in anyway you can. do the dishes or clean the front room, clean your room without being reminded and clean you sisters too. intertane your siblings help with dinner, lunch and breakfast. be kind when she isn't in a bad mood too. it is kind to help out and be a dear. please be nice and she will love you even more. you might think it is hard and try to give up too but think of what your mother does for you. it nice to have fun and even be kind. do it for nothing in return and love you mother as much as you can. because you won't be a kid forever and one day you mom will never be around. have some good times and love her very much. she will love you back trust me. so give your mom a hand.

The author's comments:
my mom inspired me to write this because when she has hard times i always try to make it better. i love my mom very much.

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