Liquid Ice

October 21, 2011
Ice, in its liquid form, numbs and stings my nerves as it courses through my veins and settles in my knee, locking the joint in place. The rush of pain and sharpness from the cold excites my body and raises an awareness of my surroundings, causing me to gasp at the thrill of the awakening. My toe apprehensively, and then the rest of my foot, only to be followed by the other, slides onto the hard brown stone as the water continues to effortlessly run over each imperfection in the obstacle course of sharp edges, rough surfaces, and vague patches of weathered greens around me. I can feel each motion of the current sweeping by and around my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps up my bare legs until the fabric of my shorts is able to intervene with some pathetic sense of warmth.

The water's miraculous, crystalline beauty is admirable and powerful in its ability to push through obstacles in a never-ending, persistent flow of passion. It sprints by me, on its own mission, with no time to interact, and never looking back, thrusting forward infinitely. The moment it falls from the stone ledge, the streams of the waterfall roar and scream to remind the world of its unlimited power, never letting them forget. These strings of liquid ice splash onto the rocky apparatus beneath, only to then coagulate with it's brothers and sisters. This class of currents advances forward into a circle of life that is near indescribable, a cycle that can only be explained by experiencing the majestic and domineering power with which it acts–the rain.

At that moment, a cold wet droplet falls onto the tip of my nose, and then seconds later, another onto my cheek. Following those two single beads of rain comes the rest of the clouds' tears. Each one slides from my cheek to my chin and leaves behind a thin streak of water over my facial imperfections. For but a few minutes, minutes that could've lasted a lifetime, I stand, listen to, and feel the rain pour down over my head, drenching my long brunette hair that I hadn't bothered to put up. I am happy–truly, legitimately happy. The rain brings about a brightness in me that I rarely allow anyone else see, after all, its not like many care anyway. The rain allows me to be myself and feel however I want to feel, without any judgement. In my mind, the rain is ambiguous–carrying an infinite persona in all areas of emotion. The rain, to me, means everything.

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Kzehr said...
Oct. 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm
This is amazing, one of the best i've read yet amazing, truly amazing
Shelbs1818 replied...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 7:53 am
Thank you so much, it means a lot :)
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