Sitting in the Walmart Parking Lot

October 20, 2011
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Have you ever just sat in your car at about 10:00pm in Walmarts parking lot? Well i have and let me tell you, it gives you an idea of life outside a nice neighborhood.
I had just gotten done with a corn maze with my best friend Tia and my parents (for some reason) decided that why not and just go get groceries for the week. So my dad goes into the store and leaves me, my mom, and my brother to freeze in the car. Well while my dad is in the store i see a African American sitting inside a large white van. After around 5 minutes of him sitting there in his van doing nothing he finally steps out and walks into Walmart. Well while he is inside a woman pulls up in a large light tan truck with her child and decides that she needs to shop a little to. So she gets out with the child and quickly walks into the bright Walmart, soon later a group of wild teens show up acting crazy and go into the store also.
Ten minutes go by and the teens come out with nothing but their rowdy selves. Ten minutes after the crazy teenagers came out the woman comes out with like a cart of groceries and quickly gets the child, groceries, and herself into the truck as if in a hurry. The woman left the cart by her truck while getting into the truck and so nearly hits the cart and has to carefully avoid the lonely cart. If only she had just put it away...
Well anyways around 15 minutes after the woman and child left, the African American guy finally came out and got into the large van rather quickly, he turns it on, begins to pull out but then realizes something on the cart, stops and shuts the engine off and gets out. Now at this point i am so confused on what is going on it is not even funny! So as he gets out i look everywhere but am confused on what he is actually looking at, and he suddenly walks to the cart that the woman left and found her wallet on the bar!!! How did i miss that! Well anyways so the man picks the wallet up rather swiftly, thinking no one is watching takes the money out and stashes it into his pant pocket. After doing so he took the wallet and walked into Walmart giving the rest of the wallets contents to Walmart to hold on to until she got it back.
Like i had said if only she had put the cart away Walmart would have found it themselves and she still would have had the cash inside of it. So i advise you to once in while just stop and sit in Walmarts parking lot for at least an hour and write down everything you see you could most likely write a book. Well thats all for now until another night.

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