What I did this weekend

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I arrived home off the shiny metal tube called a school bus at 2:25 while listening to an awesome song on my iPod. Ripping the headphones from my ears, I leisurely walked up the shop path, waving to my one-year old nephew in the window. He waved back. The wind was wild, I opened the shop door and it all gushed in with me. Shutting the heavy door carefully I walked over to my young nephew and picked him up. It was 2:26. He was a bit heavy for his age, but the doctor told him he was perfect. It’s always worth the strain, but he smiles, so I smile. I’m his favorite person, maybe because I’ve never told him no. This weekend was different though. My nephew, his name is Roman, would be staying the night at his new house. I carried him to his play room, sat my backpack in the corner and we played cars. Then, my brother called me downstairs. My Grandma watched Roman while I chopped through an ice bank for my brother. He moved a couch and I helped him with a few things. Then, we all got in the car to go to his new house. The road to my brother’s was all mud and we fixed it for him, then I went shopping for paint for the new house with my sister-in-law. My nephew fell asleep in my arms at Lowe’s and he woke up giggling. That’s pretty much it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I had a pretty good weekend.

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