Your Life Does Not Suck, Sweetheart

October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I am that person who everybody rants too. I am the emotional landfill that half of my friends repeatedly back their dump truck full of emotional baggage up to and unload everything upon. I’ve heard about academic pressures, petty relationship issues and bickers within their families. I’ve listened endlessly to complaints about body image, self esteem and feeling like the awkward man out. I’ve supplied endless sympathy to people who act as if their life is ending because they got into a spat with a sibling or because they got a “B” on one test. You think that minute details like that are what make life a challenge? Do you honestly think that just because your Christian parents are completely thrilled with your newfound atheism that your life is really all that rough? Honey, I’ve been through worse. I’ve dealt with the death of a young friend, battled anorexia and watching my family get ripped apart by divorce. I’ve endured unfavorable sibling favoritism, many a broken relationship and a couple rounds of failed therapy. I’ve been hurt by the person I trusted the most. I’ve seen the first hand affects of PTSD on a parent. I’ve rebuilt my trust in my family from the foundation up. I’ve experienced prejudices based on my sexuality. But you don’t see me wallowing in self pity. Everything I’ve gone through has only made me stronger. Sometimes life throws up in your face. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful and inspiring. You can choose to live or to watch the living. Darling, you are going to be just fine…

The author's comments:
We were assigined to write a six word memior for class and this is my explanation paragraph

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