Advise? Is it Really What it Seems?

October 16, 2011
By Khalida BRONZE, Quincy, Indiana
Khalida BRONZE, Quincy, Indiana
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"People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy... and I keep it in a jar on my desk." -Stephen King

Ad-vise; to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth follow

When I wake up in the morning and find I have a text from my drug addicted friend, boyfriend, and just a dear friend needing dating advice I'm discouraged. I may not be that old, but I've been told that I can give the greatest advise. Is that really true? I will say this: last night, someone told me that everyone would be happier if I would just kill myself. It tore me apart and I'm not the common emotional teenager. You could say I'm a hard ass when it comes to most things and not very much bothers me, but when he said that to me last night I'm not sure exactly what happened. This morning, around ten, I called my best friend and tried to talk to her about it. All she said was a couple choice words for him and then wanted to talk about her problems. Trying to get a grip of my raging emotions, I called my other friend. Once, again all she wanted to is ask me for advise. I tried to talk to my boyfriend about it and he gave me a good amount of comfort and satisfaction. Now, sitting here listening to Carrie Underwood, I can't help but to have second thoughts about my overly kind personality. What happens when the advisor is out of advise? What happens when the advisor needs advise? Where does she turn to?

The author's comments:
Most people in the world only care about themselves and the few that want to help others are bombarded with unimaginable greed and jealousy. The advisor is going on vacation.

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