Because She Misses You

October 15, 2011
By Melissa_ BRONZE, Downey, California
Melissa_ BRONZE, Downey, California
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One would think that a friendship that started at the mere ages of 2 and 4 would never be broken the way it was. Someone who was more than a friend but was also a brother, a confident,and a best friend would be there when you when you most needed them. We started off as just little kids not knowing each other and just playing together, playing tag with no care in the world. You grow up with them having every single memory of your childhood with them. Filled with happiness, lemonade stands, and chuck e cheese. You both grow up and you're 12 and 14. Things are still the same but something gets in between the both of them which starts fragmenting that beautiful friendship. They are still friends but things start to change. A year passes by and in that year they have had no communication. One of them goes through so many things in that year, they feel lost and depressed. Right at the moment they need the other to be there for them. He's not. At times they just seem like strangers. She cares about you and tries to reconnect but you don't seem to care anymore. They look pathetic but she still does it because she needs you and misses you.

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