Have you ever?

October 11, 2011
By Ramona SILVER, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Ramona SILVER, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
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"Religion is the opium of the masses" Karl Marx

Have you ever:
Realized unconditional truly exits?
Went to your mother or fathers funeral, stared at their painted unrecognizable face and realized you finally don't have to wait anymore?
Sacrificed everything you had to save someone else from a nightmare, only to have every ounce of hope shattered by woman sitting behind a desk?
Been homeless,and shared your last granola bar with a 275 pound woman who told you she was starving?
Made your own band with your best friend?
Received conformation for a religion you completely despise?
stared into the innocent, naive eyes of a kid and dreamed you could preserve them forever?
stolen a pack of gum from a store and been forced to give it back to the manager because a family member told you it was the right thing to do?
laid naked in the rain next to someone gay and felt nothing but bliss because you weren't an object to them?
been suspended in fifth grade for accidentally bringing a knife to school in what you thought was the rice krispie treats you made the night before for your birthday?
saught refuge in a psych ward because you were afraid to succeed?
lived your entire life to get your mothers affection, only to find she will always be a friend and nothing more?
Accepted one other person for everything they are, everything they never said, everything they knew to say at all the right moments?
Been kicked out of girls scouts for making fun of somebody by calling them a nose picker at the Brownie graduation ceremony?
Realized you were the very reason someone lost their life?
Gotten lost in fort of couch cushions and blankets made by your favorite cousin?

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dawnbird said...
on Nov. 7 2011 at 1:55 pm
Have you ever stopped to see yourself through the eyes of another and then laughed out with gratitude to see how beautiful you really are??

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