"Freedom" of Religion

October 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Not one day passes where I don’t meander down the main concourse of my school without having a threat thrust upon my well-being for my lack of religious dedication. Living in the Bible Belt poses immense conflicts on a day to day basis against one another’s religious beliefs. To judge a peer for the way they live their life proves the greatest Christian hypocrisy; at my high school, we all struggle with this every time we turn a corner. Bible verses are continuously quoted throughout lessons and make appearances on the morning announcements. Since when did it become okay to bring religion into school? Creeping its way into our debates, it becomes more increasingly apparent that these beliefs have literally taken control of some of my classmate’s lives. Borderline religious extremists mingle among me as I make my way from one class to another. “Anti-Christ,” a student growls at me from outside of the bathroom as I continue my dangerous trek. Never has religion made me feel so unsafe in the very place that should hold the best years of my life. What juxtaposition to use “religion” and “unsafe” in the same sentence, but when I turn textbook pages directly across from someone who has previously attacked my beliefs, unsafe exemplifies the only way to feel. What a revelation it would be to see the day when everyone walked as one; Christians with Atheists, Buddhists with Hindus, and every sort in between. This very country was founded on the freedom of religion, so let’s exercise our right to this and not prosecute like so many other countries do today! We live in the greatest democracy, and it’s the epitome of shameful to not take this to the utmost advantage.

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