October 14, 2011
As girls we look in the mirror and all we see are flaws, when its guys that look at girls all they see is outer beauty. People say what counts is what’s on the inside and yet they judge others based on physical appearances. People suffer daily to feel like they belong when all they feel is betrayed by their appearances. One would say they are confident but there is no such thing we all feel insecure at some point in our lives. It’s impossible to feel wanted when you look a certain way. People see outside before inside missing out on what’s best. Outer and inner could be two different things. Boys judge girls on what shape they are and what they are, it’s rare to find boys who would look at inner beauty only. We feel the need to change ourselves to satisfy others, we see ourselves as people that no one can love, well it’s time to change ,you’re not always going to be able to satisfy everyone and you may not always get what u want but one thing is for sure no matter where or who you are there will be someone waiting for you to change their lives because those people who were picked on for been different or act differently are now the people who are helping others with the flaws they have and the things they get picked on for. So think before you change because you could make a change just been you.

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