All Summer Long

October 10, 2011
By darby15 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
darby15 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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I love music. Music brings me memories. When I hear a song, no matter how old, I always can remember what I did when I heard it or what it reminds me of. Music is the soundtrack of my life, the thing that is always there to enjoy. I can’t remember a summer where I haven’t spent some time up in the north of our Great Lake State; a summer not spent enjoying the thrills and constant new discoveries up in Northern Michigan. I’m reminded of these experiences whenever I hear Kid Rocks’ “All Summer Long.” It’s such a catchy song, and I always enjoy hearing it. It reminds me of who I am- these places that I’ve visited have helped form me, and without them I wouldn’t even be myself.
When I hear the invigorating lyrics of “All Summer Long”, I’m off, traveling through the realms of my own mind, blasting through my own memories, jumping from the Torch Lake Sandbar to Downtown Boyne City to Lake Michigan Beaches to the Traverse City Film Festival. Thoughts of my dear Camp Lookout tiptoe through my brain as I remember running through the woods, passed by running waters on both sides. Suddenly I’m on a jet ski, soaring through the gemlike turquoise waters of Torch Lake, aiming for the waves left behind by past boats. I turn a corner and I’m flying down Boyne Mountain, zooming through the trees on a zip line. I’m so close to a tree I scream, shutting my eyes and peeking open to see that I’m tubing, slicing through white crested waves and then gliding on glass-like water. It is so adventurous I’m out of breath, until the chorus throws me down into more things of my past.
“All Summer Long” does not just cause me to remember my crazy stunts of summer. It also reminds me of the simpler times, where the sun was food and stress was not even in the dictionary. All is calm on the streets of downtown Bay Harbor. The quaint boutiques and warm fudge shops are filled with smiling, laughing people. The delicious nibbles at Cherry Republic make me laugh, their tastes outstanding. Pizza has also never been as good as when it is delivered to you by boat when you dock at the sandbar. However, more than anything, I love to just lounge on the beach and enjoy the warmth, maybe a good book, and just watch the happiness that surrounds everywhere. It is this pleasure that spreads everywhere, and yet never ends, that makes this place so special.
Summertime in Northern Michigan: it’s nothing but bliss. The rush of the waves lapping against the shore at Petoskey State Park, the rocks poking at your feet as you stumble across Fisherman’s Island, fresh jelly vaulting your tongue into excasty at American Spoon- it’s all pure Michigan. These experiences are unique to our beautiful state; these possibilities are what make us Michiganians. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you see someone wearing an M-22 or Unsalted shirt, you can immediately begin exchanging stories about your times up in Lake Country. When Kid Rocks’ “All Summer Long” came out in the summer of ’08, it was such a hit. There wasn’t a boat out on the sparkling waters of Torch or a pub on the streets of Charlevoix that wasn’t blasting the tune every hour. It brought people together and created a spirited bond. You could walk down the streets of any town and hum the melody, and soon the whole crowd would join in. I personally feel many connections to this song because of my love for the northern part of our lower peninsula, the joy I get every time I visit.

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8th Grade- Personal Connection w/ Song

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