I am Free

October 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Most people couldn’t stand the fact that their best friend and themselves were drifting apart. Not me. I could take this; it was good news for me. I was being released from captivity and being set free into the wild. I had been held hostage long enough. Who had paid my ransom? I really didn’t care at this point in time. I was running away while I had the chance.

My friend Eliza and I had been friends since 6th grade. I had been a prisoner since 6th grade also. I let her walk all over me like she walked on the ground. I had taken this for 2 years. TWO! Why had I let her do this to me, I’m so stupid.

For two years I had been talked to like crap. I have footprints all over me. People may say sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Let me tell you, they don’t break bones but they do cut deep inside of you.

What does everyone hate being told to do? They hate being told to shut up. I especially hate being told to shut up. I hate it more when Eliza tells me to shut up. She has told me this many times and every time, I take a deep breath and close my eyes while biting my tongue to hold back my anger. Why does she talk to me like this? Why did I take it? Questions I would ask myself.

Don’t you hate it when your doing something with a friend or with a group and your trying to figure what to do, and when you suggest something it’s a stupid idea even though no one else suggested anything. I especially hate it. I really hate it when Eliza tells me my ideas are stupid, and then she tells me to shut up.

Don’t you hate it when a friend calls you crying, upset, and hurt and there’s nothing you can do to soothe them. You basically sit on the phone for hours until they stop crying. You don’t say anything because what you suggest is stupid and then you’re told to shut up. I especially hate this. When I call crying and upset you are watching a movie so I go to my cold closet and cry my eyes out telling myself everything will be alright.

Does everyone love when you find a new friend? I do. I especially love it. I really love it because I have replaced that gap that Eliza left open. That spot where the sign say special parking for my best friend.

Don’t you love it when your best friend tells you to go on with your story? So you continue on with what your saying because you don’t know the last time someone told you that.

Don’t you love it when you friend likes you idea. They like what you have so far say it’s a great idea and to continue on with it. So you do because you don’t remember the last time someone liked you idea and told you to keep talking about it.

And don’t you love it when you have a friend to talk to in that time of need. I especially do because for the past two years I have been in prison with no friends and needed someone to talk to. I finally got out of my cold, cold closet picked up the phone and called a real friend, not Eliza. I realized that I was not happy. I realized I was just a friend when she needed a friend. I needed a friend that would be there forever. And that wasn’t Eliza. I especially like having real friends. I am so happy that I drifted away from Eliza kind of like a continental drift. Thank you new friend for paying my ransom.

I am free.

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