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Animals and Me

Socket bolted to the door in my room. I knew exactly what was happening, either mom was home or dad was home. He always gets all hyper and excited when they come home. I let him out of my room, and he bolts downstairs almost falling, and runs to the door to wait to see who’s coming home. Three reasons I love my dog, socket, is that he is very hyper, he loves everybody, and he is very fluffy.
The first reason why I love my dog, socket is that he is very hyper. It’s kind of funny because when he is hyper if you let him outside, he will go out and just run around in circles around the yard. Also, one time, I was in my room he brought his tug-a-war rope upstairs in my room and gave it to me. I was on my computer so I just threw it. He bolted to go get it. And brought the rope back to me. And set it on my lap. So I kept throwing it every time he brought it back. He would not give up; my dog is probably the most hyper dog on my block. And I love him for that, because he cheers me up, when I’m feeling down.
Second is that he loves everyone. Even anyone that’s just walking on the sidewalk pasts our house, he will go over to them and say hi. When we are home, If I play with him, he gets really hyper and bites me, but if I yell. Then he looks sad and his ears will be down and he will put his head down. Then he will come up to me and start licking me on my face or on my arm. It’s like he is saying sorry. He would never hurt anyone ever, because he is so lovable. And he also loves to cuddle with everyone. His favorite person in the world I think is my grandma because whenever he is around her he seems extra lovable and my grandma gives him a lot of food and attention that is mostly why he likes her most.
Lastly I love my dog socket, because he is so fluffy. He needs to get brushed almost every day! When you brush him, there is so much fur that you could make a pillow out of it! And he sheds a lot! So I can almost never wear black, since he has white fur. Like my pajamas, they are black and they get white hair all over them!! He is also really soft, and pretty. He is so pretty that almost everybody mistakes him for a girl. And they will say “aww, what’s her name” then I’m like “umm…. It’s a boy” The thing I love most about him being so fluffy is that he is really soft and I can cuddle with him.
My dog, socket is the best dog and the world!!! He is a pure breed collie, and he is all white, but has to brown spots on him. He is the cutest dog ever! He also is a big baby, and he is afraid of everything. Everyone loves him because, he is very hyper, he loves everybody, and that he is fluffy.

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