Stream of Consciousness (I Didn't Write This Title First)

October 5, 2011
By Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
Charle5 GOLD, West Windsor, New Jersey
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Bum, bum, bum, bum. This weird pimple right above my lip is really annoying, where’s my lip balm? I really have to get to work on my Halloween costume. Mom, go away. I need to finish this. Way more work this year. I wish McGurney was harder on us... I literally failed that today. Wow, it was tough. When I told my dad about writing a stream of consciousness piece, he laughed. I don’t think he liked that popular stream of consciousness. That word is spelled funny. Lip rescue. I wish lips didn’t get chapped. I need a bigger desk. I hate allergies. My nose feels really weird, and my allergies are gone. I wonder how long I can go on writing this. Pretty long, I bet. And are these types of things supposed to be edited? Because you can’t really edit your stream of conscious... I hate that word. This room needs to be repainted. Looks too patriotic now. I want neon green for a green screen. Ow, ow. This chair needs to be oiled. Really squeaky. AH, yes! The Oatmeal is tomorrow! I can’t wait. But I won’t have any time to do my homework, which really stinks. I should sell that, I never use it. I use my iPad to do it now. I’m glad I have that, it protects from power loss. Why does this lamp get so hot? This keyboard is really cool. Grover should get wireless keyboards. Never mind, they could be stolen that way. And Mr. C needs to fix that audio problem. I think I had the best outfit for Diversity Day. Jesse keeps telling me to watch that The Office episode but I can never find the time. I need to start conditioning again. Lacrosse is starting soon. Wow, middle school has gone fast. Oh my gosh, this is easy. I am going so fast. Although I’m not sure if there are any guidelines to this... Whatever, Mrs. Cohen can correct it. La, la, la, whatever. La, la, la, it doesn’t matter. La, la, la, oh well. That song is annoying... Why was it ever in the top ten? I like dubstep and hard dance music. I hope that stuff doesn’t go mainstream. Mainstream music is OK, but gets old really fast. Dubstep is always fun. Ow. I should take that poster down. Ow. Back on topic, Charles! C’mon, you need to get this done. That’s a cool quote. I wonder if I can do that. No. Can’t. What should I do... I can’t believe I used to be addicted to Webkinz. That thing is so ugly. But that new camera I got for my birthday is awesome. Every day I’m shufflin’. Do do do do do do do, do do do do do, do. I wish that my printer was wireless. That would be cool. Twitter is awesome. I just need to start getting a good following. My DJ mixes are good, I just need attention. Jesse can help me with that. But FaceBook is just a stupid waste of time. I’m glad Mom doesn’t want me to have one. Ow. I need to get my knee checked. Ha, I almost spelled knee like nee. Close this. Ah, itchy. Itchy. Ah, better. Throw this out. This piece is kind of like the song “Technologic.” I keep wanting to explain everything but that is not in my stream on conscious. Its stupid that FaceBook is in the dictionary now. That was a good movie. Interesting. Ow. Itchy. I need to take a shower when I’m done. Should I stop now? No, I’m on a roll. I’m a bad rapper, flow is worse than a candy wrapper, and you can’t even guess what is coming after. Wow. Stupid. I need a haircut. I don’t like science this year. I don’t think science is my forte anyway, whoops, I did that wrong and I am getting tired. 7:56 PM... Bedtime at 9, I have time. I want that apple pie. Why do I keep doing that? I’m still in texting mode, ha ha. I will put that as the last sentence. How many words now... Now... Now?... 722. That is way enough. Wow, that is hard to do. Ow, hurts. This is still one page? How? Whatever. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming, swimming, swimming. Mrs. Cohen is probably going to get really bored reading this. I wonder if it is hard or easy to read one of these out loud. Shuffling shuffling. Why do kids do that? Just buy it legally so you don’t go to jail. iTunes is awesome. Don’t hate. Woah, I just interrupted my own stream of consciousness... How did I do that? Wow, go away. Good. Yes. The party’s rocking. I am in a musical mood tonight. I love how you can say almost anything, then it relates to a song. Yay, two pages! And I don’t even have my name and title yet. I should do that. Now I do. That was a good title. I wonder if the reader can tell when you take pauses. Of course not, silly. Scratch. Frigga, frigga, Slim Shady. Ow, ow ow. I don’t remember the last time I had a nightmare. This chair is getting really uncomfortable. think I will strive for three pages. Maybe. It depends. Text message. Can wait. Ugh, I have to wash this off my face... Why did I put it on in the first place? No one has heard of body crayons. Wow. I say wow a lot. The last word in this piece should be “blah.” It would be cool. Or not. Scratch. By Serato. When should I start on that deadmau5 head? Probably on Friday, if I’m not busy. Brother. No. Ow, that hurt. I crack my neck too, much. I should start sitting up straight so my back isn’t screwed up when I’m older. What major should I be in college? Chill, that’s a while from now... Philosophy would be cool. Although what kind of job can you get with that? Philosophy professor? That wouldn’t be too bad... Yes it would. Theoretically, this piece could go on forever because you’re always thinking. But I’m getting a little bored now... Just keep typing, just keep typing, just keep typing, typing, typing. Google Docs is amazing. People should use it more often. Google+ is going to be a total fail probably... It seems exactly that same as FaceBook but with a better design and “circles.” I need a haircut, I said that already. Or maybe I didn’t... I don’t feel like checking. I did. This is fun. I like Writing for the Real World. So much freedom! Math is tough this year. Maybe I said that already too, no that was science. I have a tough team this year. Really strict about bathrooms. UGH, that bathroom rule is so, so stupid! And that bullying law is... different. Good job, Mr. Christie. Is that spelled right? Ha, that image is funny. I should tweet it. Tweeted. Is that a word? It is now. Almost at three pages... I can do it. Twitter is distracting. Close. Quit. That PowerPoint was easy. Spanish is fun, Sra. Chivukula is so chill. No! I’m going to have to edit this! Uh. Itch. I really need to read that popular stream of consciousness. Maybe this will be the next great American novel... on TeenInk. TeenInk needs better videos. The video I submitted was so much better than all the others, yet it still wasn’t top voted. Oh well. No. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get distracted. I need to check my email. Two emails from Jesse. Lady Gaga... And that is disgusting. Lady Gaga is getting annoying. I don’t listen to her anymore. Those emails were pointless. Wow, I just wasted thirty minutes on YouTube! I need to take a nice, warm, refreshing shower. This dog tag is stupid. I don’t want to wear it anymore. Off. Ow, ow. Hair. Stretch. Yawn. I’m tired. But... Go away Sniffer. He is so cute, but I can’t play right now. Go away, Mom. I have work. Fortunately, this is my last thing I have to do. I have to bring my camera tomorrow. Those other cameras are so bad... They barely work. I can’t deal with them. Itch. Finally, I’m almost done. Just a few more lines... How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? I love things like those. The Internet is big. I wonder what the TeenInkers will think of this. Bye bye bye bye bye BYE BYE. That would be a good ending. I wonder how you end these things. Thought this essay was real? Nope. Chuck Testa. Ha ha ha! That was creative, Charles. Wow, I spelt my name wrong. Blah. Smiley face. :) Wait. This is supposed to be 1.5... OK.

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