In the Mind of Suside

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I have never wanted to committee suicide if that's the reason you're reading this. But here's the thing, many ask themselves, why do people kill themselves? Theirs tons to live for! Sure their is, but not all people that kill themselves are bullied. Sometimes it's all in their head. Not crazy, here's an example.

Have you ever noticed that one kid, in one if not all of your classes that doesn't talk that much? Someone that doesn't sit with anyone at lunch? What about that someone that doesn't participate in class talks? That person might be thinking of committing suicide, I have. I never thought of a plan to kill myself or when I would do it.

I have thought, "If I died, would anyone even know I was gone, or even miss me?" It seemed like I would go to school, have no one to sit with on the bus, be at school no one to talk to, sit in class, no one to sit with, at lunch, no one to sit with, come home from school, no one to sit with on bus, and finally get home, not looking forward to friends coming over or going over to their house. Just sitting by myself alone, with siblings off to college, having one mom and one dad still married. Is their anyone in any of your classes that are like that? Or you even think are like that?

If their is, tomorrow morning you may here, "So-and-so committeed suicide last night because they had no friends." Befriend someone today!

The author's comments:
This was my life.

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