Parking Lot Pranks

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Sweaty palms, racing heart, queasy stomach and prickly hair on the back of your neck are all physical symptoms that occur when pulled over by a police officer. However these feelings pale in comparison to the embarrassment felt when you find it is all a hilarious prank.
My story begins one warm evening this last summer while I was waiting for a friend in the Saint Edmond parking lot. While passing the time my mind began to wonder if my lights would turn on if my car was not running. I had seen this exact scenario in the movie “The Hangover”. In the movie the two men flashed their headlights to send a signal to drug buyers that the deal was on. In the midst of testing this theory a car appeared from the back of the parking lot. I could only see a dark outline of a car now heading directly toward my car. I started to worry that it was a police car and that they may have thought that I was a drug dealer completing a transaction.

The car stopped directly in front of my vehicle with its bright lights shining directly into my car. The light was so bright that I was incapable of seeing anything. I thought I was in trouble and was very nervous. Just then a voice boomed from a speaker, “Ma’am please step out of the car with your hands above your head!” I proceeded as instructed so as to avoid any trouble with the law. As soon as I was clear of the vehicle the voice boomed again, “Ma’am place your hands on the hood of your car!” Again I did as instructed to avoid any consequences for not obeying a law enforcement official. I tried to step back to shield my eyes from the bright light to see who was giving these orders. As soon as a removed my hands from the hood the voice shouted back “Keep your hands on the hood!” The voice then began asking a series of questions. “Ma’am have you been drinking tonight?” My response of course was an adamant “No!” The next question was “Have you been smoking?” Again I responded with a “No!” The voice then asked “Why are you in this parking lot at this hour by yourself?” I replied, “I’m waiting for a friend to meet me here.” The first voice started talking to a second voice in the vehicle. The voice said “We have a female, blonde, roughly six feet tall and alone.” My mind began to think that the questions were strange, so I pulled out my cell phone to call my dad. At this point I was scared and I was unsure that this was a real police officer or not. Immediately after I took my phone out of my pocket the voice boomed again, “Put your hands back on the hood! Ma’am don’t make us step out of this vehicle!” I placed my hands back on the hood because I have always been taught to obey law enforcement officials so that I would not be punished. However my fear was overridden by my feet and I stepped away from the car because I was feeling unsure and on edge with the situation. My instincts made me step away from my car to enable myself to see if this situation was real. As I bravely ignored the voice booming from the loud speaker I stepped away from my car only to discover that it was not a police car but instead it was in fact Mitchell Rogers, Alex Steck and Brittany Nixon.

Mitchell was the voice on the loud speaker impersonating a law enforcement official. After I realized what had just occurred and what a fool I was for believing them, I was extremely relieved but hideously embarrassed.

My evening this summer was one that I will never forget. The heat of the evening, the shock of possibly being arrested and then the overwhelming embarrassment of being a victim of a nasty prank created an intense range of emotions. The incident was one where I followed my instincts and listened to my inner voice instead of the external forces shouting over a loud speaker and going against all that I have been taught about right and wrong. When looking back over the events of this evening I am now able to laugh however in the heat of the moment it was anything but funny.

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