For Lisa

September 28, 2011
A Caucasian female approximately twenty years old, unknown identity, unknown cause of death.
It is an understatement for me to say that when I hear the above announcement on the news that I thought there no way the body was found in a place I had just been a few days earlier. But I never, ever thought that you were that girl they had found.
We have identified the woman today.
And I didn’t want to hear it, I didn’t want to know it was you. Barley three years older than I, barely out of high school.
It has been determined that she was murdered, we have no suspects in custody.
Murdered. You murdered. Could such a thing be possible? Could someone have murdered you? Just left your dead body by the railroad tracks?
We took in two suspects into custody this morning, we have learned more about the circumstances under which she was killed.
Beaten with a rock. Stabbed. Cut up. And your body left on the railroad tracks to be ran over like road kill. They didn’t even hid you. They had no reason to kill you. They only did it out of boredom, they just had nothing better to do. So they murdered you. They took you away from your life, away from you family, your friends, away from this world. Why? Because they just decided to.
I don’t know how they live with themselves but I know that everyone else is having a hard time living without you.

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