A Hard Life of Mine

September 28, 2011
By Spike9110 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Spike9110 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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This world needs to be a better place for children.

I've moved from New York to Georgia. Being half black and puerto rican is cool. But really, life is not so good. The people over here does not like me because of my race. It's so hard to be a regular kid over here. Teachers don't like me, I'm in a load of trouble with my mom because I get on trouble a lot when its not my fault. This morning, a kid from Tennessee tried to bet me up and the situation is getting worst, because he thinks he's ghetto. I don't think Georgia is a good place for me, but I'll get use to it. I hope.

When we moved, I thought I was the only black kid in the neighborhood, but when we were unloading the truck, we saw a family my color that came from New York and a family moving from Massachusetts. I was relived that I wasn't the only black kid in the neighborhood.

When I first started school at my Middle School, it was cool. When we were riding the bus, I saw this girl that was pretty and she sits in the front like me. I was going to ask her out but good thing she said she had a boyfriend. So me and her just talked about how the school will be. A few weeks later her boyfriend broke up with her. That was when I asked her out and she said yes. Then, on that day, she broke up with me. she said she wasn't ready for a relationship. then next week I was going to ask her out, again. I found out shes going back out with the same boyfriend right before I gave he gifts. I got her a chain, earrings, a book and CD she wanted. I was in shocked. So I kept my mouth shut from the past few days.

It's almost Halloween and I wanted to be Jason or Scream. They did not have the costumes in my size and I only weigh 87lbs and I'm 5'2. But I don't need one anyways. Since I'm 13. So I'll just get a mask and a bloody machete.

I just made it to advance band and its fun. There's this girl and she was the best trumpet player last year, from what people told me, since I was a new kid. Well, now people is telling me that I'm better than her. To me, it wasn't hard to believe. I know how to play the hardest song by heart. I should be in a orchestra.

My math teacher Ms.Baxter can talk a whole bunch, instead of us getting our education. So I just whisper to my friends.Really, I'm starting to dislike my favorite subject.

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Just to let the men know (No homo) is to choose your girlfriend wisly.

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