AAU Tournament

September 28, 2011
By steven chambers BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
steven chambers BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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“Listen up guys they think they’re better than us, let’s go out here and show them who’s really better”
As coach is saying to get us motivated? For the second half. As I walk out the locker room I look up at the scoreboard and realize that were losing, so we go out to get ready to start the second half. So the the third quarter starts and we get the ball and we come down and score now the score is 34 to 26.
“we need to get on a run to make this a game”
I said to my team. As we run down the court so the third quarter comes to an end, were down 4 46 to 42. So as the beginning of the fourth quarter, my coach tells me
“Steven you got 4 fouls play smart”
“Yes sir”
I said as I was walking onto the court, so the game was 2 minutes in and we was kind of making a run I felt that we still had a chance. Than with 3 minutes left in the game the game was close, a player from the other team came down and thought he had an easy layup and I jumped up and blocked it off the back board I grabbed the ball and when I came down the referee blew the whistle I didn’t know what had happened he looked at me and looked at my number and ran over to the scores table and put up 23. To my experience I just realized I just fouled out not knowing it would be my last game of the summer to play whit my AAU team. I walk over to the bench and all I heard was coach arguing with the referee about the call
“You can’t be serious or your just cheating because everybody in the gym knows that wasn’t a foul”
Said coach. As I sit down I put my head in my shirt for about a minute and when I pull my head out of my shirt I look up at the score board and there’s 45 seconds left and were down by 2 but the clocks ticking down and our point guards can’t get past their press defense so finally we get passed half court and can’t run any plays because their defense is so spread out and were out of time outs so we just got to play it out, with 5 seconds left the point guard throws the ball to the shooting guard he catches the ball and wit 2 seconds left he pulls from downtown and the horn sounds and the ball hits rim bounces up and falls off the rim. I just sat there for a minute than I finally got up and went to go get my bag to get ready to go back to the hotel. Because I was mad and then coach got us in a huddle and told us good game and other information about camps and stuff than we broke out after I went out to coaches car and got in and sat there for about 25 minutes before they came out to get in. so we get back to the hotel and they tell us to get our showers and get ready because we was goin to go to sea world because everybody was in a bad mood and we wasn’t having any fun the whole time we was there because we lost every game so went to sea world and came back later that night we had lots of fun at sea world and we was all in a better mood and we was going to have some more fun because we still had 3 more days to stay and we wasn’t going to be doing anything we didn’t have any more games.
The reason Im writing this is to tell you from my personal experience it’s not fun looking back on the past and wishing I played harder, smarter im just trying to tell you when your n the moment think in the back of ur mind I don’t wanna look back and feel I didn’t try and do it smart so when you got that moment in front of you take advantage and give it your all to feel good about it when you look back on it later in life.

The author's comments:
its telling you. you should always try when you do anything

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