I Don't Want To

September 27, 2011
By Cielo4ever GOLD, Santa Monica, California
Cielo4ever GOLD, Santa Monica, California
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They say I'm too young to know what love is. To know what I really want in life. Well I know what I want and frankly i'm tired of everyone telling me i don't. Just because I'm 12 and most 12 year olds aren't so clear on everything does it mean I don't know? I've been through more then all of you know it all adults! I fought a war with paper swords, I made a castle made of pillows, I made dolls out of grass damn it! So who are people to tell me what i want and what i don't want?! I mean really, sure I don't know who I'll marry, how many kids I'll have or the adress of the house I'll live on. But I sure am a lot clearer on what I want then most adults! I want to adopt, because there are too many kids who don't have a home. I want to have my own home for about 3 years and then possibly move in with my best friend Caitlin who's been my best friend since third grade. Yes, third grade. The time when I thought I was oh-so-cool and still had adorable chubby cheeks (I'm allowed to call them chubby and adorable because they were). I'm not completely sure that I'll move in with her actually but I am sure that I'll have my own home. I'll graduate from NYU and become a writer, possibly a photographer. High school, possibly Cate..but that's besides the point. The point is: just because someone is like...what 12 years old? It doesn't mean they can't KNOW things you get it? I mean, 50 year olds don't even have it all figured out! So stalk me through time to see if this actually happens or don't. Either way, I write this with respect for all people...not to diss anyone...at all.

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o.o i got pissed?

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