The South

September 13, 2011
By , Laplace, LA
The Place that I have settled most would call it the ghetto.
It's a place where the heart can get you killed, most people would come less thrilled.
I lay my head to hear cops every night, lines of them going stop another annual gun fight.
But am I scared?
Honestly yes, but the fear is not of death but of if I will ever get to rest.
All the hatred and all the gloom, even of these toxics most knew it since the womb.
Know more curse words than their ABC's, so how do you expect them when they don't have respect for me?
No snitches, no goods, no innocent one, "If I catch you walking down the street, prepare to duck and run."
Victory is death sometimes it's the only way out, but if you truly have learned just leave with no doubt.
We had more suicides and murders then we had arrests, so we go on and tell about then now how am I to believe in good for the rest.

In this place we live by two rules: 1) You win some, you lose some and 2) Lookout for yourself and family. Rarely, we heard about someone getting hurt or shot on my side of the "ghetto", but on the other side; all the time somebody was getting hurt or killed and every time somebody died there was always revenge following behind it. That was always their version of win some, though it wasn't right that was their point of view. No lie, when I got old enough to understand I knew then why they did it the day my brother only brother that I know was taken away from me forever. After him everywhere was bad until the point no one was safe and things got worse.

Even though, we all have our differences in life and also different communities. We are all the same at a certain extent. There is always a better way to solve a solution other than hurting or killing each other. For Example; talk it out, try an anger management class, do something to occupy yourself like getting a job or even staying inside some days. Anything is possible if you just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF TO DO POSITIVE. So the young ones under you won't grow into something they don't wanna be. There's more to life than death. Everyone has feelings so US as a community should not fight each other, but fight for one another. We all live in a neighborhood that has issues so just put differences aside and treat neighbors as if they were family. "So come on and win by loving your neighbor as a friend!"

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