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September 1, 2011
By RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
RichardDumbwood SILVER, Alamosa, Colorado
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On a beautiful summer day I ordered my Jato 3.3. Opting for the overnight shipping. I could not do anything but think about when it was going to arrive. That night, I dreamed all night about my Jato. I woke up the next day and put a lawn chair by our back door, waiting for the UPS truck. I waited anxiously. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, at 11:27 it arrived. I ran to the UPS guy and snatched the box right out of his hands. My hands were shaking I swear I saw a beam of light come out of the clouds and shine right on the box.
I ran into my house grabbed my pocket knife and I started slashing at the tape like a bear ripping at its prey. I pried the box open and pulled my new shiny remote control car out of the box. I looked at my Jato, instantaneously i fell in love. I knew that I had a lot of work to do on my remote control before I could drive it. I grabbed the remote control gas and poured it in as fast as I could. I then oiled the air filter with very sticky RC air filter oil. Then, I was ready to rock and roll. I took my Jato outside and tried to start it. It wouldn’t start. I tried to start it for 5 more minutes. It still wouldn’t start. My heart sank as low as it possibly could. I sat down and started cussing out my Jato.
After I cooled down a little bit, I decided to try again. I put the starter in and pushed the button. I herd the motor start to turn over. It started to back fire then it started right up. It started first try! I felt my heart start right back up. I knew that I still had to tune it and break it in before I could really drive it. I started to break it in, but it killed me to only give it half throttle. But it had to be done right or else I could screw the motor up forever. I did all of the steps properly and finally was able to drive it however I wanted to. It was definitely worth the wait.
I finally tuned and broke in my Jato and started to drive it. It could easily beat my parents in a quarter mile even with my dads’ big chipped diesel truck. I asked my dad if he wanted to race for pink slips but he said he would only do it in a mile race since my Jato maxes out at 70 mph. I made a little dirt ramp for my Jato and jumped it so high it went sailing over my head. I looked up and saw the bottom of my remote control as it blazed past me like an air plane. The front end started to go down so I gave it full throttle and the front end automatically popped right back up. My Jato hit the ground and I landed it perfectly. It was the thing I have been dreaming about doing ever since I saw it on You Tube for the first time. The air smelled like nitro methane so thickly that my nose was burning. I have loved that smell ever since the first time I have smelt it.
Ever since that day I have invested almost every dime I earn into remote control car parts and upgrades. My Jato is my baby and always will be. The moment when I saw my Jato souring above my head has been the most influential moment of my life. My Jato has been one of my favorite investments.

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