August 30, 2011
By Anonymous

Summer went by like the wind. Spent most of the the time with someone I love very much. Now that its time to go back to school and work, things change.

Every morning I meet my boyfriend at 6:00 before marching band starts at 6:45. The band tries to learn the new drill while I try to learn the music and tell them commands. Doing errands for the band director. Running here, running there. We run through the rehearsal till 2nd hour starts. I go to personal finance, American freedoms, Algebra 2, eat lunch with my boyfriend, Spanish, chemistry, and then comp III. After school I rush to my locker and get my uniform. I change and head for Sonic.

Trying hard to get all the drinks in on time and to make them the right way. Hands moving at a fast past. You zone out till your body knows what to do, so you don't have to think. Taking orders without making the customers angry. Restock the drinks, lids and ketchup. Do the dishes until a order pops up. Then I get told to clock out.

I go home and eat. Then I study for a little bit. Argue with parents and siblings because I have to clean whenever I get home.

Now since I'm going to turn 17; I guess growing up is really hard like this. I don't have any time with friends, barely get to go to all the church activities, no time for myself and family.

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