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August 30, 2011
By bwo455 SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
bwo455 SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Walking into my mom’s room, I expressed to her my desire to go to college. Her response? “It would be a wonder if you graduated high school.” She said this because my brother and sister both dropped out therefore she didn't have much faith in me. I deserve to go to college because although I don't have much support, I have taken it upon myself to become a highly responsible and determined adolescent.

When I was seven years old my mom was pregnant with my little brother Brandon. Not only did I grow up fast but I learned a lot. I became very responsible and respectable of unexpected situations, like my mom’s pregnancy. My dad worked a lot and I was the only girl living in the house besides my mom and grandmother. Whenever they went grocery shopping or ran other errands I was the one at home watching my baby brother, even though I was basically a baby myself. I always remember my little seven year old self sitting in the living room in front of the television with my brother right next to me in his bouncer and my mother on her rocking chair just admiring us. “Britt I’m leaving with your grandmother please keep an eye on the baby until I get back.” My mom would often put me in charge of watching my brother because she knew I was perfectly capable of doing so. My mother trusted me with my brother because from the start I was always so cautious with him. That explains why he's the most important person in my life today. I didn't love anything more than spending time with him because not only was he my brother, he was my best friend at the time. Spending so much time with Brandon instead of playing like other children taught me discipline. I was always there when my family and friends needed me because they knew that they could count on me to do whatever it was that they couldn’t do at the time. I was responsible ever since I was 7 years old which is rare for children that age to be that responsible.

In addition to being responsible I am also very determined to get to where I want to go in life. Though I have not been passionate about many things, when it comes to something I really care about I will do anything to make it happen. Once when I was younger I was sitting on my deck next to the pool wondering where I’m going to be ten years from then and I didn’t picture anything too exciting because I have older sisters as well and they didn’t do anything special with their life so I wanted to make sure I stood out and actually did something with my life. I was determined that I would become a good student. I didn't give up until I felt accomplished. Even if it cut into my play time, I would always make sure my homework was done before I went out. When I know I need to pass a class, I work my hardest to achieve that grade. I have never had the support of my parents when it comes to academics because my siblings were never successful in school. It was unfair that my parents thought I would be the same. “You can go to college but that’s probably not the best idea because your sisters attempted and they just ended up wasting their money because they decided they didn’t want to finish college.” My parents would always make college seem like a big waste of money and they never once encouraged anyone of their kids to go. This only made me want to succeed more. Though I am not the smartest, I've gotten good grades up until now because I was dedicated to my studies. Nothing will ever get in the way of what I want and deserve because I will not let that happen. My determination has gotten me far in life and I hope that it will take me through my college education also.

Conclusively, I believe that I deserve the best education the world has to offer me because even though I have had little support and encouragement throughout my life, I have turned out to be a very responsible and determined person. I have become this way due to the birth of my little brother, and my endeavor to obtain a great education for myself. I won’t let anything get in the way of my future, and I deserve the chance to prove it.

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