The Cold Before the Burn

August 17, 2011
Ever had that burst,a burn of stinging, aching hot coffee down the molecules of your throat? Yeah, my life in a coffee bean. The tang, the bang, the boom and the pain. One rush of excitement as I hold my coffee close to my nose and inhale its indulgence, is ruined as the boiling river of caffeine cascades down my esophagus, torching every well-known organ on its trip to my stomach.
Life, I've realized is often like my boiling coffee. I set high expectations to have them burn me in return. For example, you buy a dog. This dog isn't any ordinary dog, it's adorable and it's face is like an angel from heaven above. However, this dog has a tumor on it's brain. Now what? You are stuck with an adorable breath-taking dog, and thousands of dollars of vetarinary medical bills. Just peachy.
So when life presents me with temptations such as coffee and adorable canines, I blow on the coffee and take the canine to a shelter. For it is much better to be safe and cold, than be hurt and burnt.

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