Outside Looking In

August 14, 2011
By nirvana1313 BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
nirvana1313 BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
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I am almost 14-years old and have never had a boyfriend. I mean sure I’ve had that crush here and there, and there have been several confusing episodes in earlier grades, but I’ve never had a definitive boyfriend. The opposite can be said about most of my friends, who have been surprised on multiple occasions about this little fact of mine. The funniest thing about my situation is that my friends are always asking me for my opinions on their relationships, and advice on certain problems. I consider myself an honest person and try to help them as much as I can. I’ve been told repeatedly by them that the advice I give them is better than the advice they’ve gotten from some of my other friends who have been and are in relationships. I always tell them that since I’ve never had one of my own I’ve been able to observe the good and bad in other peoples. While I am able to help them as best I can, the fact that I’ve never experienced what they have makes it hard for me to understand just what they’re feeling. I can guess how they’re feeling, but I can’t truly understand. I'm on the outside looking in, because though I’ve never experienced the hurt and pain that they have, I can’t truly understand how they feel until I do.

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