The School Dilemma

July 13, 2011
By LaureateFrere BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
LaureateFrere BRONZE, Clarksville, Arkansas
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6th grade was easy, I had friends and school was a breeze. 7th grade was different, I was in a new building and it was surprising but I got through it but that was when it all kinda started, that girl you sit near, you know, and you kinda like her but you think she's out of your league or something, yeah that was my dilemma.

Then came 8th grade and what do you know I get that girl, I'm no hot-shot football jock or some popular hot guy. But for some reason everybody has always liked me as a friend so that helped me get sorta popular, enough to be able to talk to the popular kids and they know your name and they think you're a cool guy and you're a good friend.

So I got the girl, but she wasn't exactly hot or popular or out-of-my-league, actually she's me in girl form in a way, she has glasses and quirky personality but our difference is the way we hold ourselves, she only wants people who thinks she's awesome around her and only hang out with her, me, on the other hand, I have lots of friends as in most of my school and I don't care if my best friends hang out with other people.

Then a little after halfway through the year we break up and what do you know, nobody cares. And her friends are still my friends and they actually kinda like me better, because she's so emotional a lot of the time. Here's something that most girls don't do, when you kiss them they cry. That's major emotional problems right there.

One of her best friends is Sydney, she is amazing, like cheerleader amazing. Yeah, Sydney is a cheerleader and she hangs out with all of these nobody’s according to school system. It's because she's amazingly nice. And I liked her since I first saw her which was right after I started dating that 'other' girl.

I also hate her though because it's been about a year and I still can't get over her. She's the girl that's way out of my league.

And I hate it.

Now it's time for 9th grade.

I jump out of my dads van and start towards the 'waiting' area for people who get to school before it opens, which is everyone. I see my group of friends that know me good, but I also see another group of friends who see me. What to do, well my ex is in the second group so first group it is.

This group is the sorta popular one, it has some popular people in it and some not. Take for instance Logan, he was held back a grade and is loved by everyone in 2 different grades. He is the guy that can go in any group in the school and find something fun to do. And he's my best friend. Then there's Brock another one of my best friends, he's kinda popular, most regular popular people know him and are friends with him but he definitely is not friends with everyone, he's extremely homophobic and kinda pushy sometimes.

We do our regular 'strange' greetings and stuff and I see her, Sydney. Every time I see her I want to break out in the song 'Just The Way You Are' by Bruno Mars. She is amazing. But since I've told her I like her twice there's not much I can do more is there? She walks over to me and hugs me saying that she's missed me and whatnot. I struggle to not kiss her. I just let her fade behind everything because I want to try and get over her, I've gotten pretty close to it too. And don't think that I'm this nobody and no girls like me. I have a very beautiful girl who likes me, her name is Faith and I really don't know why she likes me.

She's really hyper and amazing but I just don't have much of feelings for her. I think she likes me because she can see deeper than the surface and see that I'm a nice guy.

And this other girl is in 8th grade, which automatically puts her off my list, I don't date girls not in my grade because that means I get absolutely no time with them so in inevitably ends in a break up.

Then I see Brandon walking straight for me, he's one of my best friends too, well sorta, we used to be really close but when everyone goes and plays sports it gets hard to do stuff with them without other jocks around.

I nod to him and look away to see Logan saying something hilarious like always and making everyone love him even more, if that's possible.

Then I feel the hit, Brandon punches me straight in the jaw and I fall to the ground. Some of my friends come over and ask if I'm okay and some of them yell at Brandon and other people just glance at me like I did something to deserve this.

“I thought you were a good guy, Cory! Why do you have to try and steal my girl from me?” Brandon yells at me.

“What?” I impatiently ask as the tension builds in all of us, as we wait for what this was about exactly.

“You know what I'm talking about! You told Sydney you liked her! Twice! She told me everything!” Brandon and Sydney had been dating for a while now, they even lasted over the summer, there were so many chances for me to break them up with things I know about Brandon but I didn't because Sydney was happy with him and that's what I wanted more than anything.

Only a few other people know I like Sydney and those are my closest friends, Sydney thinks of me as her brother because we're really close but when I told her it got a little weird but she pretty much ignored it.

“I wasn't trying to steal her! If I wanted to do that then you 2 wouldn't be together, I know a lot of things about you that she wouldn't like to hear! I just wanted her to know because I like her a lot, more than you could ever like someone. The length of time that you keep girlfriends is shorter than a midget!” I screamed at him as I lifted myself up as everyone exchanged glaces between Brandon and me wondering who's side to be on.

“Cory are you okay?” Sydney says to me as she comes out of the crowd.

“Yeah I'm fine.” I shyly say.

“Tell him to bug off, Sydney! You told me that stuff so I could take care of it and that's what I'm doing, don't help this loser!” He yells.

“Whoa, how about we all calm down here, we're all friends!” Logan says out of nowhere.

“Shut up, Logan!” Brandon and I simultaneously yell at him. I like him but he should stop butting in so much.

“I'm sorry, take your her and I'll never talk to either of you again. Is that good?” I say as I back away, I want this to be over and go die.

“No, I want to settle this now!”

“Calm down, Brandon. You're being crazy, lets just leave.” Sydney smoothly says trying to calm her psychotic boyfriend down.

“Okay, he had better never talk to you again.”

“The way you're acting, maybe I'd rather date him.”

That sentence made my heart leap with joy and then fall in a second.

They stalk off while she scolded him like a puppy that peed on the carpet. As everyone who sided with me asked if I was okay and if that was true or that I'm so brave. Then the people who sided with Brandon follow him away and the people who don't care walk back to their respected group.

“You told her again?” Brock and Logan ask me.

“Yeah, at church camp.” I sadly say as I sit at a bench and everyone slowly disperses except the group that I was in at first.

This is going to be a long year.

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