July 26, 2011
Being in the military has always been something I wanted to do since I was a kid. Now as I start thinking about career choices for the future. My main problem is trying to figure out what branch to join. I have found one that sticks out though the United States Air Force. But I still could change my mind to another branch before graduation day arrivals. You see what makes it so tough on me is I have a disable and because of that a lot of people don't think I can do it. I mean don't get me wrong I will work my hardest to accomplish it but I can't help it sometimes I just feel like giving up. Because in the back of my mind this little voice says you'll never make it. But the rest of me says yes you can. I've always been a strong and determined person once I set my mind to something its almost impossible for me to change it. I will to whatever it takes to accomplish my goals. I've also never been know to back down from a challenge. I push myself far and beyond what any person my age would normally withstand. Whether it be pain or life lessons.

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