Judging and Life.

July 25, 2011
By CococaPuff BRONZE, Fultonville, New York
CococaPuff BRONZE, Fultonville, New York
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"Live Life To The Fullest. You Never Know When Your Time Is Up."

My life isn't Perfect but, then again, who's is? I'm not here to mope around and tell everyone my life is worse then there's cause I know I'm pretty lucky with what I have. All I can say is I'm not like most teenage kids.

When I was four my dad walked out. To much to handle and didn't feel the same is what he said. When I was four I also fell on a treadmill, skinned my legs to the bone. When I turned five, I fell down the stairs, had my tonsils taken out, missed a lot of school(still passed), had my cousin shot, another put in jail, and my mom locked away for eight years of my life. Which involves a whole lot of judging.

When I was six, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer and I was passed around between friends and family. When I was seven, my grandpa almost died to cigarettes and beer. When I was eight, I was burned with a family friends cigarette when he dropped it on me. When I was nine I was having many ear problems and having breathing problems. When I was ten, I went to Disney land and my grandma was able to go. Best year in a while. When I was eleven, my best friend and first kiss died when his drunk father hit a tree. When I was twelve, my grandparents were on vacation when my sister and her friend got into a four-wheeler crash and got rushed to St Marys. When I was thirteen, my mom came home-boy did she change. When i was fourteen, I shattered my foot because the doctors made a mistake.

I'm now fifteen. This year I had another cast on, ran away, got caught, and started dating this amazing guy. It was ruined because of people judging my past. Not only that, but I also discovered I have to much acid in my stomach, keep passing out, and having a hard time with the family.

I may have just waisted 5 minutes of your life reading this, but i just proved a point to you that what you have in life is special. And those little embarrassing moments you have are just little bumps on a long road ahead of you. Try not to look at your past and live life the best you can. You never know what will really happen.

The author's comments:
Life is crazy.

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