A Sad Little Thing Called Love

July 24, 2011
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I can't walk forward without holding your hand. I'm still waiting at the same old bus stop. Waiting for you to come back. I know I should look forward but my heart keeps looking back.
What do I do?
Where will I go?
Have you disappeared forever?
Was I never yours?
Was it all a dream, I really don't know.
My eyes searches for yours, my ears seek your voice and my heart is hopelessly reaching out for yours.
Is it all over?
Are you happy with someone else?
Does she love you more than I loved you?
Do you stare deep into her eyes like stared into mine?
Does she make your heart beat like you made mine?
Does she make you happy? Are you happy now?

I wish I told you, when there was still time.
I wish I hadn't said there was nothing between us.
Seeing you avoid me so heartlessly broke my heart in two. Though since my heart was yours to begin with, what to do with it was up to you.
I loved you once. I love you still.
Goodbye my first love, please be well.
Don't mind me. I'll cry anyway.

I can't go forward. I can't go back. Need your hand holding mine. Should have just told you. How you made me feel. I shouldn't have said. We were just friends.
I wasn't good enough for you. That is what they said. That I must have misunderstood since there was no way someone like you could like someone like me. I hate myself still for listening to them. I was young. I was weak. I knew nothing better back then. Youth is innocence . Innocence can be bad.

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