Whats is love?

July 22, 2011
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We say we love each other but what does it really mean to love someone ,not wanting them because they are beautiful on the outside or do we want someone whose beauty come from within the body and takes over the body like a cold so that it is inner and outer beauty are one .
We say we love each other yet we do not under stand what love truly is .We say love is saying I love you but I think is more than that don’t you think love is when you would do anything to be with that person ,like climb on top of the tallest mountain and scream I love you. I think love is say I want you to be with me for ever and if I died today I would know that you feel the same way. But, we don’t have the same look on love; we are humans we learn from mistakes. But, what if we didn’t have to make that mistake to find that special someone what if all we had to do was wait. I see people get married everyday but I can’t help but wonder do they really love each other or are they doing it to feel a void in there hearts that special someone who is waiting on you can feel. So my question remains what is love?

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