Me in a nutshell

June 10, 2011
To me family has always been my most prized possessions. Some people have they’re Versace purses or new cars, but I have my sisters and brothers. Each one of them is someone I cherish every day I have them. I have four sisters and two brothers- yes were like a wolf pack! My mom is my biggest cheerleader and the person who has taken so much part in shaping me into the person I am today. Jenna is my psycho sister who I am so close with its unhealthy. Were only a year apart and lately she’s been the one I look up funny as that sounds. Together it’s ridiculous how obnoxious we can be! We have so many inside jokes it ridiculous! She is the reason I decided to try out for waterpolo here at school. Now I live for that sport, it is my favorite thing to do, being in the pool playing defense. I am a bigger girl and I feel proud to know I am confident enough to play a water sport and wear a bathing suit around people I don’t know, something I couldn’t have done a couple years ago. Lately I’ve learned in life to just be me and be proud of that, because no one can do me like I can.

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