Dear Jane Doe

July 21, 2011
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It’s in this space where she sleeps, it’s in this place where she thinks, but most of all it’s in this space where she lives among the shadows. I cannot find it in me to describe her; I don’t want people to know who she is. If they know who she is, they will never look at her the same way again. So today, we will simply just call her Jane Doe, and today I will tell you about the falling down of Jane Doe.

Jane Doe is in all of us, she is in you, and she is in me. There is not enough power invested in you for you to disagree. If there is, don’t you dare. You see Jane Doe suffers when her friends don’t listen, she suffers when she can’t relate to anyone, but most of all she suffers when she starves herself because she thinks she is fat. Jane Doe is beautiful but she’ll never see that, and that’s a sad fact. That is why she flocks and starves for everyone’s attention, or, she isolates herself, or, why she slowly kills herself with the drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Like I said, Jane Doe is in all of us, or, at least one point in our lives was…or will be.

Jane Doe, in all honesty is scary, because she refuses to let the world see her as what she really is, which is human. She refuses to show herself; her true identity, the true identity that is pressed into her own very soul. Jane Doe is stupid, because we all know she is losing herself. Yet no one stops her, no one tells her it’s not okay. It’s not okay to be considered the whore in school, the loner, or the druggie chick. It’s pathetic, it’s sad, and it’s degrading for anyone to wear those titles like shackles around their necks, like if they were dog tags. As if it is something to be proud of to be owned by a title. Jane Doe, your dog tags say it all and I can see them and read them every time I see you, talk to you, or hear of you.

In my opinion you should be considered dead, because you won’t go far with your ways if anything you won’t live to be twenty-five. Why? Well, it is because Jane Doe you are dying inside and out as we speak.

Jane Doe, my lovely Jane Doe I can’t pick up the pieces for you, and somehow fix you. If I could, you would have been fixed already Jane Doe, but Jane Doe you are broken. Only you can fix yourself. Fight your demons, and stop being a coward. Let loose who you really are, because Jane Doe so far you’re disgusting and I just want to know you by your name. Not who you pretend you are, because guess what you’re not a nobody. You’re not anything to me, but if you keep up your ways Jane Doe you will become it. I promise.

Jane Doe if you’re reading this, I want to welcome you to the falling down of Jane Doe, because at this moment you’re breaking down or running away in denial. So either you wake up or you continue to be a fraud, a nothing, but most of all if you disappoint me you’ll end up being that one girl that was once my friend. That one girl who let her shadows and her demons eat her whole.

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Authorgal98 said...
Jul. 29, 2011 at 5:58 pm
Amazing. Beautiful. Breath taking. Kepp writing!
Raawkie replied...
Aug. 2, 2011 at 7:34 pm
thank you very much :)
Authorgal98 replied...
Aug. 7, 2011 at 12:06 pm
Sorry it was so short. I was in, like, awe!
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